At Syntara, we leverage our world leading expertise in the field of oxidase enzyme chemistry and biology to inhibit targets responsible for driving extracellular matrix dysfunction. We strive to deliver disease modifying drugs to improve quality of life and extend life expectancy.

Currently, our clinical development efforts are primarily focused on proving the considerable utility of novel drugs targeting a subset of oxidase enzymes known as lysyl oxidases. This family of enzymes are uniquely responsible for the development of fibrosis by cross-linking collagen and elastin, resulting in hardened, poorly-degradable scar-like tissue.

Our lead compound, the orally available pan-lysyl oxidase (pan-LOX) inhibitor SNT-5505, is being evaluated in a Phase 2 clinical trial for myelofibrosis (a blood cancer characterised by bone marrow fibrosis), with trials in another haematological malignancy (myelodysplastic syndrome) and skin fibrosis (scarring subsequent to burn injury) planned to initiate Q1 24.

Syntara’s skin scarring franchise utilises topical and oral dosage form pan-LOX inhibitors for the prevention of scar formation and modification of existing scars.

Alongside these programs, and partnered with Parkinson’s UK, we are investigating the role of neuroinflammation as a driver for the neurodegenerative processes using SNT-4728, an inhibitor of two amine oxidase enzymes (SSAO and MAO-B)

Earlier stage programs include SNT-5382, a selective lysyl oxidase-like 2 inhibitor developed for the treatment of chronic fibrosis in a number of organs, and SNT-8370, a potent inhibitor of two important pro-inflammatory pathways.

Target Drug Indication Discovery Pre-Clinical IND enabling Phase 1 Phase 2 Status
LOX/ LOXL SNT-5505 Myelofibrosis
Trial recruiting
Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Protocol under review
LOX/LOXL SNT-5505 Scar prevention – Burns
Trial to commence Q4 ‘23
TBA Scar modification
Protocol under review
SSAO/ MAO-B SNT-4728 IRBD / Parkinson’s Disease
Trial recruiting
LOXL2 SNT-5382 Organ fibrosis
Clinical safety and target engagement confirmed.
MPO/ SSAO SNT-8370 Inflammation
IND-enabling package complete.

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